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INTYRE, presented in June 2017 as ABS ROC, is changing the off-road world,
enhancing performance and safety of all bikers.

It eliminates risks and worries deriving from holes, pinching and cuts
It works as a tyre beadlock
It offers maximum rim protection

INTYRE Tubeless is designed to improve the performance of the existing air/latex tubeless systems. It is conceived for professional and amateur use in all specialties, from extreme Downhill to Cross Country and MTB Enduro. It is easy to install and fits inside the tyre as a traditional inner tube.

It works with very low pressures with consequent increased gripping and riding fluidity
Extremely light and easy to install
Over 2,000 hrs riding time
Over 1 hr riding with a run-flat tyre (0 pressure)
It improves driving precision
Vibration dampening
Improved comfort
Wide size range covering also e-bike sizes