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INTYRE is designed to improve the performance of existing air/latex tubeless systems. A highly innovated product that fits inside the tire as a traditional inner tube.

It’s perfect for the most extreme DH and meets the needs of all competitive riders, from XC to MTB Enduro.

Amateur rders get to have fun off-road with the safety and convenience of eliminating the risk of a flat tyre.


INTYRE is designed to improve the performance of the existing tubeless system that use air and latex. A highly innovated product, it fits inside the tyre as a traditional inner tube.


It’s perfect for the most extreme downhill specialties and meets the needs of competitive riders, from Cross Country to MTB Enduro.


Amateur riders can enjoy off road safely and conveniently eliminating the risk of a flat tyre.


Use a cutter or sharp blade to size INTYRE to your rim dimension.

Pierce a 6mm hole vertically through the two grooves at each end of INTYRE (use a drill or a PH screwdriver). Insert and tighten the plastic hose clamp.

Insert one tyre sidewall in the rim, wet INTYRE with a sponge or a sprayer, then start inserting INTYRE in the tubeless tyre till you fit it in completely.

Insert the other tyre sidewall using tyre levers, starting from opposite the inflating valve. Fill the tyre with air through the valve (after removing “Presta” valve) using a compressor or bicycle pump.

Turn and bounce the wheel repeatedly or ride for a few minutes at a high speed to enable latex sealant to spread inside the tyre. Use INTYRE only with tubeless tyres and latex sealants, preferably without ammonia (e.g. No Tubes / Slime).

There is no need to modify the tubeless valve, you can use every valve available on the market.

(*) Suggested air pressure (riders of 80 Kgs.) with light tyre (e.g. Maxxis Exo):

XC/XCM Format: F 1.1 bar R 1.3 bar

EN/DH Format: F 1.2 bar R 1.4 bar

PLUS Format: F 0.8 bar R 0.9 bar

Deflate the tyre completely and insert latex sealant through the valve (50-120cc depending of tyre size). Re-install the “Presta” valve and inflate your tyre to desired pressure (*).


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